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That’s all we have, finally, the words, and they had better be the right ones.

-Raymond Carver

The Stories

Every short story published by Carve since 2007 (that’s 70+ stories and counting!) is available to read for free online, because good honest fiction should never disappear into obscurity. You can scroll through them below or use the sidebar menu to the right.


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New Issue: Summer 2014  

Short Stories:
F-Man by Colette Sartor
Journeyers by Keely Bowers

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+In-depth interview with each author
+Illustrations from Patricia Costa
+Story Statshot on each story
+Reject! Excerpt: “A Visit to the Old House” by Lynn Levin
+poefictiontry from Harold M. Vaught, Grant Faulkner, Sara Backer, Sonja Vitow, and Maria R. Palacios
+One to Watch: Texas 5 x 5



Spring 2014  

Short Stories:
Depth Perception by Laura M. Gibson
Missing Teeth by Bryan VanDyke
Driftwood by Morgan Thomas
Berryman’s by Guy Mitchell

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+In-depth interview with each author
+Illustrations from Patricia Costa
+Story Statshot on each story
+Latest additions to the Reject! list
+Reject! Excerpt: “Subterranean” by Chris Connolly
+poefictiontry from Angela Kubinec, Michelle Hartman, Genevieve Anna Tyrrell, and Holly Day
+One to Watch: “Chomolungma” by John Henry Fleming



Winter 2013  

Short Stories:
Eminence by Caroline Casper
The Whores of July by Anthony Inverso
The Hard Years by Emma Pattee
Philip’s Experiences in Abnormal Psychology by Zachary Davis

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+In-depth interview with each author
+Illustrations from Patricia Costa
+Fast Facts on each story
+Latest additions to the Reject! list
+Reject! Excerpt: “Center of Population” by Kristin FitzPatrick
+poefictiontry from Marna Owen, Jade Sylvan, Jessica Bebenek, and Rebecca Meacham
+Something More: New fiction from Leesa Cross-Smith



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Fall 2013  

Raymond Carver short story contest

Short Stories:
1st place |  Tu quoque by Jake Andrews
2nd place | No Translation by Mona Awad
3rd place | Heisenberg by William Shih
Editor’s Choice (Matthew) | The Gymnast by Jennifer Harvey
Editor’s Choice (Kristin) | Twenty-Nine Ingredients by Lesley Quinn

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+In-depth interview with each author
+Illustrations from Patricia Costa and Hannah Burkett
+Fast Facts on each prizewinning story
+Special Feature Essay: “Raymond Carver in the Workshops” by Douglas Unger
+Latest additions to the Reject! list
+poefictiontry from Mark Brownlow, Lisa Mecham, and Ines Franco Fatzinger
+Something More: Four Honorable Mentions of the short story contest
  “Bree Hadley” by Rebecca McKanna
  “Caravan” by Donna Obeid
  “Brushed Nickel” by Adam Shafer
  “A Space You Can Fall Into” by Liz Prato



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Summer 2013  

Short Stories:
Human Voices Drown Us by Sandra Hunter
George II by David Malone
The Relative Weight of Angels by Avril Breckenridge Barron
Cigarettes in Heaven by Jon Pearson
Water Like Stone by Merrill Montgomery

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+In-depth interview with each author
+Reader’s Voice: Chas Blankenship on Joseph Johnson’s Starlings
+Reject!: “Cold Turkey” by Martin Dodd
+Something More: “Fifty” by David Armstrong, winner of the 2013 Miriam Rodriguez Short Story contest



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Spring 2013  

Esoteric Awards (Natural Disaster theme)

Short Stories:
Storm in a Teacup by Dan Powell
The Possibility of Fire by Jessica Barksdale
Higher Ground by Karen Celestan

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+In-depth interview with each winner
+Editors’ comments on each story on why it garnered the prize
+Reader’s Voice: Owen Vince on Man Martin’s Literature Appreciation
+Reject!: “Make Do” by Molly Laich
+Something More: “Before the Earth Shook” by Victoria Large & “A Chance to Get Involved” by Jeff Moscaritolo, with editors’ comments (honorable mentions)



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Winter 2012  

Short Stories:
Lone Wolf by Eric Freeze
Literature Appreciation by Man Martin
Firebug by Katie Cortese
Snow Day by Gary V. Powell

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+In-depth interview with each author
+Reader’s Voice: Beatriz Terrazas on Adrienne Celt’s The Eternal Youth of Everyone Else
+Reject!: “Among the Missing and the Dead” by Amber Krieger
+Something More: Writers with Disabilities, featuring “Jump!” by Dana Carpenter & an interview with the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities 



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Fall 2012  

Raymond Carver short story contest

Short Stories:
1st place | The Odyssey by Jia Tolentino
2nd place | The Third Element by Jodi Paloni
3rd place | Neuropathy by Kathy Flann
Editor’s Choice (Matthew) | Starlings by Joseph Johnson 
Editor’s Choice (Kristin) | Floating on Water by Dalia Rosenfeld

Click for Premium Edition features

+In-depth interview with each winner
+Guest judge & editors’ comments on each story on why it garnered the prize
+Reader’s Voice: Rio Liang on Mark Farrington’s “Motherlove
+Reject!: “The Birds in the Wall” by Brian Thomas
+Something More: An Afternoon with Tess Gallagher (interview)
+Special Feature: “Crossing into Carver Country” by Susanne Rubenstein (essay)


There are no Premium Editions prior to the fall 2012 issue. All issues contained short stories only.


Cover: Alessandra Toninello

Summer 2012

Carnival by Scott Atkinson
The Eternal Youth of Everyone Else by Adrienne Celt
Hurricane Emily by Subhadra Eberly

Note From the Editor




Spring 2012

Esoteric Awards (LGBT theme)

Chlorine Mermaid by Rachel Steiger-Meister
Angels by Jennifer Pashley
What You Miss by Sarah Terez Rosenblum
The Exhausted Pose by Jeremy Garrett

Photography Winner: Karen Shacham


Cover: Katrina Pallop

Winter 2011

Word Booth by Michael Landau
Coward by John Henry Fleming 
Demetrius by Kem Joy Ukwu





Cover: Andy Fox

Fall 2011

Raymond Carver short story contest

1st Place | Stalled Symphony by Liesl Wilke
2nd Place | Credo by Bridget Brewer 
3rd Place | Promises, Promises by Susan Finch
Editor’s Choice: Matthew | Motherlove by Mark Farrington
Editor’s Choice: Kristin | Whiskey & Ribbons by Leesa Cross-Smith
Honorable Mention | The Mattress Boy of Cameroon by Kate Jackson
Honorable Mention | Oregon Grind by Rick Attig
Honorable Mention | The English Speakers by Sarah Quigley
Honorable Mention | What Happy Couples Do by Anna Cox


Cover: Michael Tedesco

Summer 2011

And They Pillaged the Dead by David Cameron
Some of Us Can Leave by Sara Schaff
Truth Poker by Mark Brazaitis





Cover: Quinn Franklin

Spring 2011

Here/Now by Frances Clow
Schadenfreude by Melanie Kokolios
The Time of Plenty by Judith Slater





Cover: Cassandra Rood

Winter 2010

Raymond Carver short story contest

1st Place | The White Rabbit by Maire Cooney
2nd Place | Unpracticed Altitudes by Shaun Hamill
3rd Place | When You Cross the Border by Molly Greeley
Editor’s Choice | It Was So Long Ago by Amber Krieger 




Cover: Moonlight Unlimited

Fall 2010

Bleeding in the Belly by Emily Gill
Dirty Darlene by Sarah Kate Levy
MG Repairs by Sam Gridley





Carve was on hiatus between Fall 2009-Summer 2010 and did not publish new issues.

Cover: Emily Rusk

Summer 2009

Raymond Carver short story contest

1st Place | What You’ve Done For Me by John S. Walker
2nd Place | At the Last Minute by Martha Miller
3rd Place | Zero Pressure by Soma Mei Sheng Frazier
Editor’s Choice | How the Tiger Got Its Stripes by Nicholas Hogg



Cover: Jon Kersey

Spring 2009

Weather Girls by Marylou Fusco
Poetry by Dionne Irving





Cover: Yvonne Garcia

Winter 2008

One Way to Cook an Eel by Emily Bromfield 
Horses by Stacy Elaine Dacheux 
The Dead Kid by Gillian King
The Candy House of Roscoe, New York by Meagan Cass




Cover: Matthew Schniper

Fall 2008

Raymond Carver short story contest

1st Place | The Last Hours of Pompeii by Marc Nieson
2nd Place | Mourning the Departed by L. Annette Binder
3rd Place | Used to Be by Elizabeth Baines
Editor’s Choice | Cooling by Julie Eill
Editor’s Choice | Limits by Sung J. Woo



Cover: Kristan Taylor

Summer 2008

The Seagull by Rhea DeRose-Weiss
Indelible Ink by Elizabeth Corcoran




Cover: Lafayette Wattles

Spring 2008

Reward Poster by Cody McCafferty
Wall by Danielle Davis
A Dying Mother by Kelly Lundgren Pietrucha
Customer of Size by Mary Jones
Chicago Monologue by Eugene Chang




Cover: Melanie Graves

Winter 2007

 Raymond Carver short story contest

Agashi by AC Koch
Summit by Julia Gordon-Bramer
One Hundred Santas by Liz Skillman
The Ways You Are Gone by Kami Westhoff
Different Than Any Day So Far by Marc Phillips



Cover: Melanie Graves

Fall 2007

This One Thing by Jaren Watson
When My Body Smashed Into the Sidewalk by Yuvi Zalkow
Weekend With the Boy by Ezra





Cover: Matthew Limpede

Summer 2007

If You Don’t by Rob Bass
Turning the Bones by Marcy Campbell
Hybrid by Stephanie Dickinson
Samurai Bluegrass by Craig Terlson





Cover: Matthew Limpede

Spring 2007

When Snow Falls On Atlantic City by Nate House
Drinking in the Loons by Stephen MacKinnon
In His Own Image by Alyssa Morris
Think Engineering by Mike Schiavone
The First Fire by David Stoler




What happened to the rest of the stories?

In 2007 when the founding editor Melvin Sterne handed over operations to Matthew Limpede, there was a glitch and a hard drive meltdown, and electronic copies of the stories were lost. Paper copies still remain (authors may contact the editor if they need a copy), however there are no plans to transfer the paper copies into electronic versions again.

A table of contents for each issue is avaiable for stories. 2006 stories are listed below. Click here for 2000-2005.


November / Volume VII Issue VI

Trashy Desires of Women Nearing Fifty by Xu Xi
Summer’s Over by Mary Winsor
Awash in Love by Jane Buchan
Healing Waters by Dorene O’Brien
Under Libby’s Bonnet by Elizabeth K. Severn
The B-63 by Thomas Lisenbee
The Weighing of the Heart by James W. Brown
Rain by Wayne L. Price
Yum Yum Git You Some by Dustin Wells
The Naming of Mountains by W.J.Wilkinson

September / Volume VII Issue V

In the Old World by Robert F. James
Titties by Kay Sexton
Save Your Breath by Rick Hill
Egalite by Gustavo Bondoni
There Was Wayne by Aaron Hellem
She Had a Way With Plants by Karin Falcone
Comprehension by Man Martin
Rope by Adam Cushman
Ko Phuket by John C. Sakellar
Wiffle by Eric Vrooman
Afterwards by Laurie Mazzaferro
Dangerous Story by David Watts

July / Volume VII Issue IV

Ambush by Mark Tonsetic
Anne and Morgana, Rose and Pierre
by Patricia Gilmartin Patterson
Blue Devil by Brad Koski
Losing Control by Penny Feeny
Mandy by Susan R. Thornton
A Simplified Map of the Real World by Steven Allred
Pearl by M.A. Leighton
Temporary Assistant Professor of English by William Ryderr
Silent Witness by Jay Boyer
Tips by Mike Lubow
Chasing the Vixen by Alex Keegan
The Wager by Allison Barrett

May / Volume VII Issue III - Carver Awards Edition

The Understory by Tim Horvath
Notebook 366 by Michael Horner
The Taj Mahal by Jim Thomson
Western Union by Charles McLeod
The Galician by Linda M. Rodriguez Guglielmoni
Bridge by Eric Vrooman
In Zugzwang by S. Frederic Liss
All Songs Singing by Therese Stanton
A Summer Tale by Leslee Becker
How to Be Sure You Want to Be a Farm Girl by Catherine Elcik
A Map of the Area by Emily Franklin
City of Mr. Jiang by Louis Malloy

March / Volume VII Issue II

Miss Molly by Judy Crozier
Crash by Michele Melnick
Trespass by Judy Wilson
Associations by Chris Przybyszewski
Exit Strategies by Richard Peabody
Separated by Gail Chehab
Lousy Tee by Ken Pisani
SGGG by Kathy Karlson
Bicycle Riding by Zdravka Evtimovw
The Birthday Knife by Sean Gallagher
Janaki by Vijay Lakshmi
For Days on End by Jeff Tannen
Devil’s Gorge by Don Lowe

January / Volume VII Issue I

After Party by R.J. Comer
National Remnants Co. by Mark Esrig
Security by Sean Hoade
The Silent Treatment by Stephanie Reents
You People by Linda Dhavan
Jayne With a Y by Steve McBrearty
One Small Step by Susan Dugan
In The Kingdom by Rosemary Berkeley
A Red Chair for Sleeping by E. Echararria
Ian’s Fortune by Shelly Massanoble
The Life Coach by Mike Markel
Missionaries by J.E. Ogle
Her World by Caroline Kepnes
The Squirrel and the Crow by Lee Sterne

Table of Contents of Stories Published 2000-2005.